Mary Barnes - Weaver


The Joy of Working With My Hands

I have worked with my hands all of my life and am an accomplished seamstress with many years and many projects under my belt. I have dabbled satisfactorily with embroidery, knitting, needlepoint, quilting, making stuffed animals, upholstering, slip covering, and chair caning.

Having taken early retirement from school teaching, I found the only door opening for me was one using my hands. I found myself at a Quaker study--retreat center applying for traditional jobs. Nothing was coming through except weaving. My head told me that I should continue to search for a “professional “ job. My heart counseled that what I was doing was just fine. Finally, my head realized what my heart had understood all along. I accepted where I was in my life and found time to become a full-time weaver and bookmaker.

I now work from my beautiful mountain home in Bath County, Virginia. I spend a good part of my days in this lovely place weaving and making books. I love using all kinds of fibers, and no two of my creations are exactly alike. I now sell regularly at shows throughout Virginia and am enjoying having many repeat customers.

You may contact me at 540.290.1434 or email marybarnes(at)